Updated 25 Jul 2020

Senior Developer Advocate

Archbee is seeking a highly motivated, growth-oriented Senior Developer Advocate to help raise awareness, raise user engagement around the Archbee product, and to build relationships by connecting directly with our user community of developers.

This person will play a critical role in the broader community strategy, driving vision for the community and the product, and work together to build better products for our users.



  • Write blog posts about Archbee - the technology, the platform and the features.
  • Attend and speak at regional and global meetups virtually and i n-person.


  • Produce high quality technical “how-to” content (blogs, webinars, talks) addressing common user needs, latest technology advances, and emerging best practices.
  • Create examples and proof of concepts to showcase capabilities of the platform, focused on developer workflows and integrations.
  • Internally, educate the product and customer success teams, by sharing feedback from users, and challenges experienced by the community. Help shape future iterations of product areas.


  • Build and nurture relationships with developer community influencers and open source leaders.
  • Reach out to developers and system administrators by connecting directly in social media and developer platforms (e.g. Twitter, Reddit, Slack communities).

Required Background

  • Technical, with 5+ years of relevant experience in software development, DevOps or advocacy.
  • Passion for writing and talking about technology.
  • Motivated to educate the community, to genuinely help people, and to build better products.
  • Outstanding networking and communication skills, with a natural flair for building meaningful relationships.
  • Self-motivated, with the ability to independently manage multiple competing priorities.
  • Team player - must be willing to learn from and with the community.

Preferred Background

  • Existing networks to developer communities.
  • Previous writing experience specifically on DevOps, Frontend, Architecture, or open source.