Updated 17 Jul 2020

Growth Marketer

Looking for a smart individual with a think outside the box approach to growth. Our SaaS product helps product teams, agencies, dev shops, startups and developers build better products through amazing documentation.

Desired Skills

  • Experience with SEO & SEM;
  • Experience in Automation (Integromat, n8n, Zapier);
  • LinkedIn Automation & Cold Outreach;
  • Experience in CRO (A/B Testing & Optimisation);
  • Copywriting Experience (Email & Website);
  • Comfortable with JSON, APIs and HTML;
  • Experience growing througought Customer Lifecycle (AARRR);
  • Be empathic since everybody in the company will do customer support 10% of their time;
  • Understand the scrappy startup mentality, and how to get from A to B by your own research;
  • Be brave enough to think you can build a billion dollar company with a small team.

Marketing Stack

Tools we work with on a day to day basis

  • Tracking: Google Analytics, Amplitude, FullStory, Segment
  • CRO: Google Optimize
  • Email: Customer.io, Crisp.chat & Gmail API
  • Design: Figma
  • Tech: Node.js, Puppeteer, Express
  • Automation: Integromat & Custom Scripts
  • Data Management: Airtable, Google Sheets

Competitive salary & Early-employee stock available.

Contact dragos@archbee.io with an up to date CV.